Astrid Stavro Featured in Journal Issue #361

Astrid Stavro has quite an inspiring story. After building Graphis Master design firm Atlas with partner in work and life, Pablo Martín, she was invited to interview for the prestigious position of Partner at Pentagram. In Graphis Journal Issue #361, we had a chance to display her recent work and share her thoughts on the transition. With years of brilliant creative work behind her, Stavro’s next chapter is sure to be nothing less than extraordinary.

Here is a sneak peak at her Q&A:

Could you explain your invitation to Pentagram?

Roughly two years ago I was invited to give a talk at Pentagram London. The last time I had been in Needham Road was as a student, when I interviewed former partner John McConnell for my thesis at The Royal College of Art. Many of my design heroes have either been or are Pentagram partners. If I had to find a word to describe the place it would be “respect.” The day after the talk, Marina Willer invited me to her place. During dinner she casually asked “Would consider the possibility of becoming a Pentagram partner?”

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