Graphis Master: Photographer Albert Watson, Featured in Journal Issue #363

Albert Watson is a longtime master of photography, inspiring and influencing many of today’s artists and photographers since the 1970s. Raised in Scotland, he was named one of the “20 Most Influential Photographers of All Time” by Photo Direct News and has had work featured worldwide in museums and galleries.

Featured are two of Watson’s most notable works, “Feather Woman, ‘Lost Diary’ Series, New York City, 1997” (above left) and “Omahyra, Crown of Thorns, New York City, 2004” (above right).

Watson’s photos are expressive and brilliantly capture the emotions of his models. For most of his career, he has done many different genres, but the human form remains one of his signatures. His photography is thought-provoking and encourages second, third, even fourth glances. Among some of his renowned work are portraits of celebrities, Rolling Stone covers, and countless pages and covers for Vogue.

More of his personal work is featured above. Watson was recently featured in Journal Issue #363, where he answered questions about his career and his view toward the future. Here’s an excerpt from his Q&A:

What do you value most?

Right now, because I’m older, the thing that I value the most is time. Therefore, I don’t do shootings now unless they’re definitely worth doing. I have to make sure I’m really getting something out of it.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Since I’m still obsessed with photography, I see myself shooting… you just keep going. The good news is that photographers never retire and the bad news is that photographers never retire.

See more of Albert Watson’s stunning photos in his Graphis Master Portfolio, and learn even more about his legendary work in Journal Issue #363.

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  1. I was working in New York, in the 1990s, and was completely intrigued by Albert Watsons book “Cyclops” with its iconic pictures of Keith Richards, BB King, and Jagger.
    One of the great photographers of our time.

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