Photo: New Entries from Vincent Junier and Matt Hawthorne

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 competition comes from French photographer Vincent Junier. He submits a seven-part series entitled “Water Balloons” (above), in which he creates a personal project incorporating creative set design. The vibrant and colorful water balloons are eye-catching while the intricate placement of suspended and draped balloons mesmerize the viewer. Vincent Junier’s entry manipulates the shape of balloons with a captivating perspective.

Texas-based photographer Matt Hawthorne submits his seven-part series, entitled “Avana Bottle” (above). The images serve as an advertisement for Avana stainless steel water bottles. The monochromatic color palette and high-end clothing ensure luxury with every sip. Hawthorne blends a lavish scene with an object not typically associated with elegance. Matt Hawthorne effectively promotes the company’s ability to integrate extravagance and practicality in one everyday product.

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Author: Graphis

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