New Talent: New Entries From Chien Lu, Abbey Pitzer, Patrice Sakalosky, and Eryn Griffin

From the School of Visual Arts, student Chien Lu and Instructor Carin Goldberg submit their entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 competition. Entitled “NYT Book Review” (above), the three-part series of work focuses on a new design format for the New York Times Book Reviews. Each cover effectively communicates the story with the use of typography and a cohesive design. With their entry, Chien Lu creates a modern design for the New York Times.

The latest entry comes from students Abbey Pitzer, Patrice Sakalosky, and Eryn Griffin of Thomas Jefferson University, with the support of Instructor Frank Baseman. They collaborate on a new design concept for a food delivery business focused on healthy eating and local farms. Entitled “Farm to Fridge” (above), the team-based project was developed for the 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health in Pennsylvania. Students created a delivery truck design along with informational brochures on healthy recipes and eating habits, as well as a mobile app design. These students successfully establish a design that is educational and consumer-friendly.

Take the opportunity to submit your best student work to the New Talent Annual 2020 competition!

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