Graphis Master Robert Tardio Personifies Objects Through Still Life Photography

Robert Tardio is an influential photographer of commercial products with an eye for crafting a still image that evokes emotion. He discovered a passion for the art of photography at an early age and moved to New York to pursue it as a career. Striving to be a working professional photographer, Tardio launched his studio in 1987, and has been shooting products and other still life projects ever since.

In the Photography Annual 2017 competition, Tardio won Gold with his series entry, entitled “Channellock” (above). The photos showcase his aptitude for detail and clean-cut imagery.

Tardio has work in cosmetics, fashion, and technology, among some personal projects as well. He has worked with clients such as Chanel, Estée Lauder, Bose, and many more. His photos merge creative ideas with a professional brand.

Featured above are two of his series entries, entitled “Phizbots” (left) from the Photo Annual 2020, and “Face Project” (right) from the Photo Annual 2016. His creative use of small, ordinary objects construct a face that amuses and encourages viewers to examine the images further. Tardio is able to turn his commercial photography into works of art with his unique use of products and vibrant colors. Tardio’s ideas don’t overshadow the purpose of the item and instead highlight elements that make it stand out. Robert Tardio proves his status as a Graphis Master through his purposeful and compelling photography.

Check out more of Robert Tardio’s stunning photography in his Graphis Master Portfolio!

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