New Talent: New Entries from Students Abbey Pitzer and Yihuang Zhou

From the School of Visual Arts, student Yihuang Zhou and instructors BK Harvey and Ken Deegan submit their entry for the New Talent Annual 2020. The three-part series entitled “Angelika Film Center Rebrand” (above), is a classic rebranding design for the Angelika Film Center and Cafe in New York City. The series features a simple, yet effective advertisement campaign for the grand opening of the 14th cinema center. The designs include tickets, posters, and window displays.  The bold, black words against a white background in the shape of a slate effectively draws in a crowded audience. Yihuang Zhou establishes a distinct style for the film center that audiences can easily recognize.

Student Abbey Pitzer and instructor Bob Warkulwiz submit their latest entry from Thomas Jefferson University. Entitled “Seedling” (above), this six-part series of designs for a children’s app and activity book is set to enhance and calm the healthcare experience for scared and anxious children. Through the healing benefits of nature, kids become more comfortable while engaging and learning about plants and animals. The app paired with the activity book transforms the space around them into the great outdoors through augmented reality. Abbey Pitzer impressively uses her research to develop interactive and educational ideas.

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