Poster: Competition is Now Open! See Plat., Gld, and Silv-Winning Work by Stephan Bundi, FX Networks, and Ovidiu Hrin. Plus New Entry by Naoyuki Fukumoto

We’re excited to announce the opening of the Poster Annual 2021 Competition! Brilliant posters come from small designers and well-established designers. Now is the time to see how your work stands among the rest, and get your work acknowledged by some of the best in the industry.

Designer Stephan Bundi, won Platinum in the previous Poster Annual for his entry “Les Fées du Rhin” (above, right). His poster advertises the pacifist opera of the same name, depicting the aquatic and melancholic nature of the show. FX Networks also saw success with their Gold-winning work “Pose-Blanca” (above, left). The poster features the main character of the show in a glamorous fashion, well-representing the TV series in its vibrancy.

Ovidiu Hrin won Silver for his work “The Cinematic Orchestra” (above, left). The poster is an advertisement for a music festival that strives to capture the feeling of movement. Hrin accomplishes that through the creative way the artist’s name is displayed.

Entries for the new Poster Annual 2021 are already coming in with Naoyuki Fukumoto’s entry, “JSAA 2019 Poster” (above, right), from Japan. Fukumoto’s work entices viewers with its sophisticated use of the Mona Lisa and the Da Vinci ‘V’.

Submit your best posters to the new Poster Annual 2021, open now!

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