Graphis Master Adam Voorhes Presents Bold Ideas Through Creative Use of Lighting and Color

Adam Voorhes is an acclaimed photographer that shoots editorial and commercial photography from his studio with his partner and wife, Robin Finlay. Together they compose and photograph simple items, with an almost surreal quality to them.

Color has always been an important element of his photography. Voorhes won Gold in the Photo Annual 2019 for his vivid series “Future Travel” (above), a series that explores the idea of travel in the future. He uses vintage elements in the wardrobe and props, combined with splashes of silver and white to maintain a futuristic feel.

Entitled “Tape” (above, left), Voorhes was tasked with making an ordinary object look spectacular, almost unreal. Using graphic light, and the depth achieved with a wide-angle lens, he successfully fulfills that task with his photographs of Scotch tape. This work won him Platinum in the Photo Annual 2018 competition. Voorhes is no stranger to taking on challenging concepts and creatively interpreting them. From his Platinum-winning series “Popular Science Covers” (above, right), the image tackles the subject of exploration and properly illustrates the idea in an unconventional manner.

Over the course of his career, Voorhes has developed a body of work that pulls in viewers, even through the most mundane of subjects. His photography has been lauded by industry professionals, working with clients such as GQ magazine. His ability to translate concepts into works of art makes him a true master at his craft.

See more of Adam Voorhes’ impressive photography on his Graphis Master Portfolio!

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