Photo: New Entries from Colin Faulkner, Joseph Saraceno, and Craig Cutler

For the Photography Annual 2020, Colin Faulkner submits his entry entitled, “Brass + Ceramic” (above left), from the U.S. His photo features several types of brass bowls and cutlery, with a closer look at the details. The textures, and even the discoloration, of the bowls and spoons, come through clearly. Faulkner’s approach to rustic kitchenware highlights the intricacies of simple objects.

From Canada, Graphis Master Joseph Saraceno submits his entry entitled “Subcomponents” (above right). In accordance with Saraceno’s unique style, the subjects of his photography are bold and vivid. Saraceno incorporates various materials such as glass, wood, and gravel to juxtapose the organic and manufactured, intact and recycled. Saraceno uses compelling subject composition to visually interpret Michelangelo Pistoletto’s philosophy on how all forms and materials are meant to be used.

From the U.S., Graphis Master Craig Cutler submits his photo “German Porcelain Vases, C1960” (above), which presents porcelain vases with dramatic lighting. The contrast in light and shadow emphasizes the shape of each vase, giving each of them an elegant look. With his entry, Craig Cutler creates another work of intricate still life photography.

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