New Talent: New Entries from University Students Shikhar Bafna, Omkcar Shethe, and Emily Marquez

The latest entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 comes from students Shikhar Bafna and Omkcar Shethe at Miami Ad School in Mumbai. The two-part series, entitled “Craft your Cleansing” (above), shows us Bounty can be more than a daily household cleaning item. The ad campaign features paper towels transformed into the delicate shapes of a swan and rose to highlight the stress-relieving act of cleaning. The origami art paired with the relaxed hues demonstrate the peaceful nature of cleaning and how Bounty is the best equipped to do it. Shikhar Bafna and Omkcar Shethe’s collaboration captivates viewers with their intimate design.

Student Emily Marquez from Texas Christian University submits her entry “Shark Finning Advertisement” (above), an advertisement for PETA. Marquez uses her work to warn against killing sharks for fin soup, a major factor of the human threat against sharks. The picture, taken from a BBC News article, features a little boy drowning in algae to emphasize the effect that shark finning has on our ecosystem. The shocking greenery in place of what should be a blue ocean depicts what an ocean without one of its key species could look like. With her entry, Emily Marquez creates a powerful advertisement.

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