Graphis Master Stan Musilek Captures Beauty and Innovation in his Photography

Born in Prague, Stan Musilek is renowned for his nude, still life, and fashion photography. With two studios in San Francisco, California, and Paris, France, Musilek continues to expand his vast portfolio. He is a multiple Graphis Gold and Silver Award winner, with two Platinum-winning entries in the Photography Annual 2019 competition.

In his work, “Musilek-Teuffel” (above), he took a shot of a Teuffel guitar, presenting the unique design and shine of the instrument. The photo promotes the guitar with an emphasis on its sleek look and design.

In another work, “Musilek – Octoberfest” (above), he showcases one of his signature styles and subjects of his photography, women. For a promotion of Octoberfest in Paris, the model poses against a gorgeous landscape of green hills and mountains. The photo alludes to the atmosphere of fall and preparation of harvest that accompanies October.

Stan Musilek upholds his status as a Graphis Master through his ability to capture and bring out the best in both the subjects and objects that he is photographing. Musilek is able to draw out the unique elements of an ordinary object or subject and make them extraordinary.

See more stunning photography by Stan Musilek in his Graphis Masters Portfolio!

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