New Talent: New Entries from Yuxi Liu and Wanrong Wu at School of Visual Arts

For the New Talent Annual 2020 competition, student Yuxi Liu and Instructor Dirk Kammerzell from the School of Visual Arts submit their series entry of packaging designs. Entitled “Cosmetic Package Design” (above), the series consists of varied designs on tins, mascara tubes, and other cosmetic products. The typography and colors are soft and delicate, solidifying the feminine identity of the brand. Liu developed intricate decals for the distinct scents of the brand. With this entry, Yuxi Liu creates a comprehensive packaging collection that encompasses the nature and feel of the feminine brand.

Wanrong Wu from SVA submits their entry with the support of Instructor Courtney Gooch. Entitled “Lecture Identity” (above), Wu created branding design for a RIBA Lecture series, consisting of advertising posters, ticketing campaigns, and revamped logos. The purple color of the campaign catches the viewer’s attention. The campaign also incorporates the architecture being featured into the advertising posters and logos for the lecture series. Wanrong Wu designs a visually stimulating advertising campaign that combines architecture and design in a modern way.

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