Photo: New Entries from Michael Schoenfeld and Cameron Davidson

The latest entries for the Photography Annual 2020 come from photographer Michael Schoenfeld in Salt Lake City, Utah. Entitled “Studio Portraits, 2019” (above left), the six-part series aims to fully represent the personalities and character of the subjects. In the featured image, the model is wearing a pair of optometrist tools, implying that she might be visually-impaired.

Another series submitted by Schoenfeld is titled “Portraits in Kenya and Tanzania” (above right). The seven-part series features different types of people from multiple generations and places in society. Schoenfeld takes special care to ensure that the colors and details in the face and clothing are brought to life. These two series entries by Michael Schoenfeld portray intricate emotions that give the viewer an accurate vision of that person as if they had already met.

From Alexandria, Virginia, Cameron Davidson submits his entry of landscape photography. Entitled “Dunes #2” (above), the vast desert of southern California is featured. Davidson used a drone to achieve the high shots of the dunes to better capture the ripples and reach of the sand. The full effect of the desert is conveyed thanks to Davidson’s well-enhanced environment. The skies are dark but the clear details of the clouds and sand are in focus, enough to make the viewers’ eyes wander around the frame. Cameron Davidson’s work ensures that people take in the full scale of one of earth’s natural beauties.

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