Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s Award-Winning Photography Featured in Graphis Journal #362

Kristofer Dan-Bergman is a Swedish award-winning photographer based in New York. Known for his brilliant photography of various subjects including still lifes, nudes, landscapes, and portraits. He has received multiple awards, including Platinum in the Graphis Photography Annual 2014 and Gold in 2019, as well as in awards from American Aperture, APA National, and Communication Arts. He has also worked with various companies, such as Clarins, AT&T, Tag Heuer, and Panasonic. The above image, part of his “Away” series, was the cover image of the Photography Annual 2014. We had the pleasure of interviewing him and presenting some of his best work in our Journal Issue #362

In the Journal, we feature Kristofer’s work, including “Raging Mother no.6” (above), part of a series where he photographed oceans His image shows not only how beautiful it is, but also how dangerous it can be, depicting ferocious waves crashing.

In his Q&A, he relates his creative process and what he finds most demanding. He says “staying fresh and hungry” and maintaining curiosity is a challenge. He’s always pushing himself to find new ideas and not letting the job feel like a job. Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s variety of projects, keep his photography feeling new and unique.

You can read more about Kristofer’s work in our Graphis Journal #362!

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