New Colorful Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Studio Hinrichs and Land O’ Lakes Inc.

U.S designer and Graphis Master, Kit Hinrichs, submits his Sappi Fine Paper, Fashion Verticals with his firm Studio Hinrichs, to the Design Annual 2021 competition. The above piece is part of Sappi’s second installment of their educational series for those in marketing, this time focusing on Fashion. The series is designed to inspire others who are seeking inspiration, and info on current marketing trends.

With this, the guide showcases the importance of print in marketing in the digital age. The layout of the page shows different types of shoe leathers and materials and displays information effectively. Kit previously won Platinum in the Poster Annual 2020 and has won several Gold awards in past Graphis Design Annuals.

Also in the United States, Land O’ Lakes Inc., has submitted their 7-part series “Road to 100 Design System” to celebrate the 99th annual member meeting for the Land O’ Lakes Inc. cooperative. Even though this annual meeting commences the 99th meeting, it incorporates the goal for the future of reaching its 100th year.

Designed by Nicole Von Blidner, the meeting space featured many stands, leaflets, and colorful brochures of company facts from the past, along with motifs of the products they produce such as corn, butter, and of course, cows. The area along with the flyers are made of detailed simplicity with flowers, outlines of wheat, and geometric patterns combined with retro advertisements from the past. Land O’ Lakes puts together a well-themed design identity for the meeting.

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