New Unique Packaging 10 Entries from Xiaomi (CN), and Ruth Chao Studio (HK)!

The Chinese design agency Xiaomi has entered their above packaging design “Mi Watch” to the Graphis Packaging 10 competition. The Designers Ecosystem Packaging Design Team, including graphic designer Jiangpeng Su and creative director Lu Chen, has created packaging that has the same quality of technology as the product inside. The embossing on the box is made to present a three-dimensional effect on the packaging, the watch can be seen to be floating on the box. Depending on the angle, the illusion of flowing water ripples can be seen as well. Xiaomi ensures that the Mi Watch stands apart from its competitors by presenting a connection between the technology of the watch and its packaging.

Ruth Chao Studio of Hong Kong, has submitted their designs “Something to Savour” (above) made for their client the Chinese cookie brand, PIN. The name plays on the meaning of PIN, which in Chinese, means “to savor.” Designed by Magdalene Lam and Jack Tai, Ruth Chao Studio presents branding that utilizes a cube motif. From the logo to the boxed packaging, the character for the word PIN, ‘品’, can be seen throughout the concept. When packaged together, the boxes of cookies are stacked like a pyramid to resemble ‘品’.

Ruth Chao Studio is a consistent Silver and Gold winner in our Design Annuals, previously winning Gold in the Design Annual 2019. With their entry, Ruth Chao Studio successfully creates a brand identity that is memorable and can be easily associated with their client.

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Author: Graphis

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