See Caroline Knopf’s Exquisite Fashion Photography in Graphis Journal #361!

Innovative, bold imagery always finds itself within the photographs of Graphis Master, Caroline Knopf. She is a U.S photographer who has the blood of a photographer running through her veins. Her grandfather was a world war 2 photographer, and her father and grandmother were photographers as well. Even Knopf’s husband, Mark Stetler was going to school to study photography. According to Knopf, it seemed like a no-brainer for her to start photographing and she eventually became a celebrated figure in fashion photography.

Graphis featured her above work “Enchanted” (above left) and “Evening Portrait of Liu,” which won Gold in the Photography Annual 2013 (above, right), in Journal issue #361. Her work “Christina’s World” was featured on the front cover. The ethereal quality of her fashion photography has led to jobs with clients such as Elle magazine, Conde Nast, and Maybelline. She’s also shot for Neiman Marcus, which she relates is a favorite client that she’s worked with, in her Journal Q&A.

Above is a photo from her 7-part Gold-winning Photography Annual 2015 entry, “Secret Garden.” Her images capture a feminine beauty while also crafting a story with unique concepts. In her Q&A, when asked about her work philosophy, she describes how she believes in thorough planning for every detail before a job. Then when it comes time to shoot, everything comes naturally and she’s able to explore the concept freely.

Through meticulous planning and idea crafting, Caroline Knopf is able to compose an image that is colorful and enchanting, showing off feminine beauty and the art that fashion photography is capable of showcasing.

You can read more about her and see more of her fantastic work in the Graphis Journal #361!

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