daDá (EC) and 360i (US) Win Gold with a Baic Car Ad, and an Absolut Vodka Campaign

Graphis Master David Chandi of daDá won Gold in the Advertising Annual 2020! His entry, “The New Chinese Power is Baic” (above), plays on the name of the car to promote the launch of the Chinese car brand, Baic, in Ecuador. The vehicle with a robot beast to further drive home the power that the car has. It also helps the brand become more recognizable. David Chandi previously won Platinum for his “All You Need is Ecuador” campaign in the Advertising Annual 2018.

US Agency, 360i have also won Gold for their above promotion for Absolut Vodka. Titled, “Absolute Straws,” The company went straw-free and announced their new status as ‘Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka’ by making an art piece made up of over 60,000 plastic straws that were saved from the landfill. They turn harmful waste into an installation piece. By offering Absolut cocktails in exchange for recyclables, 360i puts Absolut vodka at the forefront of eco-friendly brands.

Congrats to these winners!

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