Graphis Master: Photographer Rosanne Olson, Featured In Journal Issue #362

Graphis Master Rosanne Olson is a photographer, artist, author, and educator. As a creator from a very young age, Olson was constantly painting, drawing, inventing, and interpreting the world around her. Although her first career was in the medical field, her new life began with her interest in photography. Five years after graduating from the University of Oregon and receiving her first job working at a newspaper as a photographer, Olson moved to Seattle with her husband and began her own business working in commercial and fine art photography. Featured above are two of her most noteworthy works: “Sheridan and Dash” (left) and “Rhapsody” (right).

Olson’s award-winning images have been featured in Communication Arts, Photo District News, More Magazine, View Camera Magazine, and numerous exhibitions.

Olson’s Gold Award-winning image “Still Life with Letter,” from the ‘Florals with peonies’ series, is featured above.

Most recently, Olson’s photographs were featured in the Graphis Journal Issue #362, where she answered several questions about her successful career and the love for photography that fuels her creativity. Here’s a glimpse at our Q&A with the extraordinary Rosanne Olson:

What is your work philosophy?

I love my work, which is so much more than what I would call work. It is like the air I breathe. I feel like a very lucky person to have found a career that suited my passions.

How would you describe your process?

I live in a world of imagination. I love taking the seed of an idea and developing it into a final piece.

See more of Rosanne Olson‘s work and her Q&A in Graphis Journal Issue #362. Pre-order your copy today!

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5 thoughts on “Graphis Master: Photographer Rosanne Olson, Featured In Journal Issue #362

  1. Congratulations , Rosanne, your work is so beautiful and I’m so happy for you…
    Love, Mom

  2. I have loved Rosanne’s work from the moment I first saw it more than 10 years ago. She truly is a master at bringing out the essence of the person whose portrait she is taking/making. It’s no surprise to me that she is featured here. Bravo, Rosanne!

  3. I had the honor of working with Rosanne Olson in my corporate design career. I can say that some photographers take photos; Rosanne makes pictures. A master of the ethereal, Rosanne combines complex compositions with masterful lighting to create images that burn into the viewer’s consciousness. Thanks for shining her work with the Graphis community.

  4. I have been a fan of Rosanne’s photography (and teaching and music) for years. Every time I see her featured in a magazine or exhibition or on the stage, I know that others are sharing my joy!

  5. Rosanne Olsen is one of the most talented photographers of her generation. Her extraordinary sense of style and nuance pervades every inch of her rich, yet whimsical imagery. I was lucky enough to watch her star rise over the years, and got to work with her on a number of projects, most notably for the New York City Ballet. Her ethereal portraits of costumed dancers posing in iconic locations around Manhattan are unforgettable. This recognition from Graphis is long overdue, and so well deserved. Brava, Rosanne!

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