Adv: New Entries from The Gate NY and Duncan Channon for Adv. Annual 2020

For their entry, The Gate NY adapted the Australian “Think Big” campaign to appeal to parts of the world that are not familiar with their client BHP. The ad campaign serves as an ode to the possibilities ‘Big Thinkers’ can create with the resources of BHP mines. It focuses on iconic structures well-known to American consumers, such as The Chrysler Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. Featured above is an intriguing view of the Golden Gate Bridge, from the ground up. The “Think Big Campaign” utilizes unexpected photographs of these structures to demonstrate where imagination and creation interconnect for the future of architecture. For the Advertising Annual 2020, The Gate NY provide BHP with an innovative ad campaign, which expands their customer base.

Duncan Channon submitted a video for their latest entry for the Advertising Annual 2020. The video serves as a promotion for Upwork, a global network of freelance talent. Duncan Channon wanted to highlight middle managers in need of help specifically, in order to demonstrate that Upwork can be a collective for both managers and freelances. Entitled “Plateau” (above), the video displays a familiar work scenario, where an ambitious goal or daunting task comes our way. Instead of focusing on the anxiety new tasks can bring, the video reassures viewers that Upwork can help make things happen. With a modern and colorful environment, Duncan Channon provided the client with an advertisement that captures the attention of potential customers.

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