Design: Winners Announced for Design Annual 2020

After a year, we’ve seen submissions from across the world with spectacular designs that will take your breath away. A total of 716 winners were selected by our prestigious judges. The winners for the Design Annual 2020 competition have been officially announced and can be found here.

The Platinum Winners feature a diverse group of winners, including Omdesign, a design firm from Portugal. Their Platinum-winning entry, “Quinta do Crasto’s Book” (above), honors the history and legacy of the Douro estate, with distinctive finishes that give the book a unique character. With a sleek and timeless design, Omdesign’s book could not go unnoticed by our judges. Obtaining a total of eight awards and four Honorary Mentions for the Design Annual 2020, Omdesign proves to be a top contender in the world of design.

From Japan, OUWN takes us directly into the clouds with their Gold-winning entry. Entitled “Waterfront SHINSAIBASHI/OSAKA” (above), the design firm showcases their prominent use of color, while bringing awareness to an environmental issue in the streets of Japan. In collaboration with Waterfront and their ‘Spread the Fold Project,’ OUWN created a selection of rainbow-colored gift boxes for the folding umbrellas, featured in a flagship store.

Known for their vibrant and compelling designs, OUWN took the construction of the packaging design for the umbrellas to another level. The gift boxes can freely expand and contract in order to accommodate the lengths of the different umbrellas. When the packages expand, the customer will see a wide view of the blue sky and the rainbow. With their award-winning entry, OUWN increased public awareness and created an extraordinary packaging design for umbrellas.

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  1. when I think the graphic design community is not up to par as it was years ago I turn to your site and say “hot dame, everything is okay!”

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