See Barney Goldberg of INNOCEAN USA and his Award-Winning Hyundai Ads in Graphis Journal #361!

INNOCEAN is a global marketing and communications agency with multiple branches located in several different countries including the USA. INNOCEAN believes in looking beyond the surface for innovative ideas. There is a whole ocean’s worth of creative solutions; their job is to bring them to light.

They have a plethora of clients such as Hyundai, KIA, Champion, and more, creating ads that have gotten significant traction including Super Bowl ads. Innocean’s “Veloster” Hyundai advertisements can be seen above, the “Gastro Moto” image won Platinum in the Advertising Annual 2013.

Barney Goldberg is Executive Creative Director of INNOCEAN USA and was featured in Journal #361 in a Q&A, along with award-winning work from INNOCEAN USA. He is responsible for leading many of Hyundai’s ad campaigns that INNOCEAN worked on, such as their Super Bowl 50 campaigns.

Above are some of the Hyundai campaigns that Goldberg led: the #Becausefutbol FIFA World Cup campaign, and “First Date” for the Super Bowl.

In his Q&A, Barney Goldberg relates that some of his greatest professional achievements are his Super Bowl ads, which he comments “takes years off your life.” These ads, including the above “First Date,” (Silver winner in Adv. 2017) landed on #1, #5, and #6 on Ad Meter, which is a Super Bowl ad survey by USA Today of the most well-received ads during the show. It was the first time an automaker had landed the top spot.

Barney Goldberg’s work with INNOCEAN has been recognized by The One Show, and Clios, among others. He’ll continue creating great work while waiting for the day he gets to work with the Baltimore Ravens.

You can learn more about Barney Goldberg and see some of his and INNOCEAN USA’s top work in Journal #361!

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