Gold Award-winning TV Show Promotions From FBC Design, ARSONAL, and Art Machine!

From the United States, FBC Design won Gold for their chilling promotional art for “THE EXORCIST Season 2 – ‘Demon Within’” (above, left) in the Advertising Annual 2020. Art director, Jason Schmidt led the development of this image for FOX’s season two of “The Exorcist.” It shows a shocking image of possession that accurately portrays the show’s themes. The hand grasping the victim from inside his body is a terrifying visual that is creative and not easy to forget. Jason Schmidt has been the art director behind many FBC Gold-winning works within the last few years in our Advertising Annuals.

ARSONAL’s work, titled “Baskets S4” (above, right) also won Gold. The poster includes the main character Chip becoming more professional, accompanied by a bullet train entering the town of Bakersfield. By depicting Chip wearing a suit while still wearing his clown makeup, the advertisement shows he still has some elements of his clown essence as well as being professional. The illustration style borrows from vintage postcards. Arsonal is another repeated Platinum and Gold winner in our annuals.

U.S design agency Art Machine also created an advertisement for Fox Entertainment that won Gold. Their above billboard image, “9-1-1 Season 2 Key Art – ‘Marry Me,'” shows a plane crashing while skywriting. The designers wanted to make something that portrayed the series’ unique emergencies but could still be easily seen on a billboard. They came up with intriguing visuals that anyone could understand and pick out while driving by, that being skywriting and a plane crash.

These winners deserve these awards for their achievements in creative ad design.

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