U.S Gold-Winning Works by IF Studio, and House of Current from the Photography Annual 2020!

Graphis Masters, photographer Athena Azevedo and IF Studio won Gold in the Photography Annual 2020 for their luxurious and sophisticated photography campaign. Led by Creative Director Toshiaki Ide, and Design Director Hisa Ide, the  “19 Dutch Luxury Collection” is a 4-part series made in order to promote the 19 Dutch apartments that have been newly transformed. Housed in Lower Manhattan’s financial district, 19 Dutch is a high-end residential building. They wanted an advertisement that was equal to the glamorous feel of their apartments.

The photography series shows images of the bellhop attending to the guest by carrying items, and tending to the woman’s needs. The addition of the lion brings a whimsical aspect to the campaign in line with 19 Dutch’s brand. These images distinguish the penthouse, from regular apartments, and indicates the great service they provide. Azevedo and IF Studio have been consistent Platinum and Gold winners across our annuals including Design, Poster, and Photography.

The “Royal Hawaiian Center Advertising Campaign” from House of Current also won Gold. It was made in partnership with Scott Lowden Photography for the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki that encompasses dining, and entertainment destinations. They wanted an ad campaign that featured the high fashion brands that are located throughout the area while also representing Hawaii’s landscape. 

With this they use the Waimea Valley as a backdrop, featuring large wild leaves, massive tree trunks, beautiful palm trees, and waterfalls. The models are in different colorful attire, featuring some of the high-end fashion brands ranging from grand dresses to casual outfits that you can buy at the Royal Hawaiian Center. Scott Lowden’s photography is able to capture the beauty of the models and the landscape in this series.

Congrats to the winners! Take the opportunity to submit your best photography to the Photography Annual 2021!

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