Check Out Unique Wine and Gin Packaging Entries From Harcus Design (AU) and Roberto Núñez (ES)

The Graphis Packaging 10 has some new submissions. Submitted from Australia, the Harcus Design Agency has entered their design “Chiaro.” Spicers Wine had a new product that they wanted packaging for that would be able to stand alone. The paper used for the labels and neck wraps is an ultra white cotton paper stock called Spicers Cotone Extra Bianco Ultra.

The quality of the paper and its embossing are shown through the image of the sun, and how bright the white is. Harcus Design created packaging that utilizes these qualities of the paper to tie it in with the clear white gin, including the name Chiaro which means bright and luminous. Harcus Design previously won Gold in the Design Annual 2020.

From Spain, Roberto Núñez has submitted “Perfeccionista” to the competition as well. Another premium item, the company wanted the packaging to connect emotionally to the consumer, with its position as premium wine. The packaging had to embody thoughtful winemaking and allow it to be a ‘perfectionist’ product.

The bottle itself is a standard teardrop-shape, but each box it came in was made different from the previous, with a piece of the box broken off. The wood for each case was broken up manually, without a die cutter, and that piece was attached to the wine bottle and numbered with an ink stamp. Roberto Núñez has created a unique way to show exclusivity and encourage collecting.

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