Nature-Inspired Prints by Queen Sonja of Norway Featured in Graphis Journal #361!

In a special feature written by Petter Snare, we feature the Queen of Norway, Her Majesty Queen Sonja and her prints. Petter Snare is a director of KODE Art Museums. He is very experienced in the art field and has extensive knowledge on the arts in Nordic countries. He writes about Queen Sonja and her contributions to the Nordic Art community in Journal #361.

According to Snare, she has always had a love and appreciation for nature, and in particular, Norwegian nature and landscapes. She has deep knowledge of Norwegian culture and art history, and of various printing methods. She is a supporter of the arts, establishing the Queen Sonja Print Foundation, which quickly became one of the world’s leading accolades given to graphic artists.

Queen Sonja started getting involved with art and creating her own prints in the 2000s when she was in her late sixties. Over the years, Queen Sonja has collaborated and taken part in joint exhibitions with renowned Norwegian artists such as Kjell Nupen and Ornulf Opdahl. She also is noted to have a distinct approach when creating her prints. She doesn’t simply replicate a landscape or object of nature, but rather creates close-ups of it. She has a fascination with form and the abstract. This is evident in her work.

In his article, Petter Snare continues to describe Queen Sonja’s work influences and thinking process behind her prints, also describing her art as having a strong tie to the modern American tradition.

You can read more about her, her work, and how she has become a strong supporter and contributor to the world of graphic arts in Journal #361!

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