Check Out New Entries to the Graphis Packaging 10 from Sol Benito (IN) and Gallo Creative (US)!

From India, agency Sol Benito submits their above perfume bottle design to the Packaging 10 competition titled, “Clio by Le Chameau.” Sol Benito is known for its capability in presenting femininity. This project in particular was designed to fit the Middle East market. The designers showed that by keeping in mind the lattice patterns from Islamic architecture, and flowers that are remembered easily.

They created a product and packaging similar to the cylinder shape of a lipstick, being small and compact. They also laser-cut the flowers onto the tube to create depth. Lastly, they composed a color palette of mauve’s, purples, and rose gold; colors that are flowery and show femininity. Sol Benito successfully incorporates simplicity, elegance, and sophistication into this design.

From the United States, Gallo Creative has submitted  “Leftie Wines” (above) to the Packaging 10. When it comes to wine most people think of sophistication, vineyards, and anything high class, but when it came to envisioning their product design for E&J Gallo Winery, they wanted something that caused disorder with these preconceived notions. Leftie’s new packaging created a whimsical approach in a simplistic manner.

Designer Jordie Camps designed each bottle with a black and white scratchboard illustration of the Leftie team. The top of their heads are open with imaginations running wild; boats that fly, and other whimsical imagery. The playful design helps the brand stand out on the shelves and tells consumers this is the feeling you get when drinking Lefties.

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