Teresa Fasolino’s Award-Winning Paintings Featured in Graphis Journal #362

Illustrator and Graphis Master, Teresa Fasolino from New York City is well known for her renaissance-style paintings. She has worked for many major magazines, publishers, and advertising agencies, such as the New York Times, Penguin Group, the U.S Postal Service, and more. In addition to working in the print media, she has worked with architects and space designers, creating paintings for restaurants at the World Trade Center, and an 8-foot mural of “Famous Italian Noses” for the Trattoria Dell’Arte restaurant in New York City.

Some of her works can be seen above, such as her paintings of nature and animals, including “Ruffian” (left) and “Death Shoots a Birdie” (right). She also has very interesting portraits of people, including “Mary Bloody Mary” (below, right), and portraits of people with animal heads, such as “Portrait June with a Wristwatch” (below, left). All of these show off her style and are featured in Journal #362 along with her inspiring Q&A.

In her Q&A, Fasolino relates that she developed her style while on a trip to Italy as a Junior. She was inspired by the Italian master painters such as Giorgione, Carpaccio, Fra Angelico, and Raphael. It was this experience that led her to paint traditionally. She also shares her experience teaching at the School of Visual Arts and her design process when illustrating some of her well-known work.

Teresa Fasolino is included in the permanent collection of the Society of Illustrators, The Smithsonian, and the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown. She is also featured in the collections of Nabisco and Grand Union, as well as private collections. She is also a member of the first Illustrators Advisory Board of the Norman Rockwell Museum.

You can read more about Teresa Fasolino and her experiences and inspirations in Graphis Journal #362!

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