Exciting New Beverage Designs by PepsiCo and TOKY for the Graphis Packaging 10!

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, submit their above 3-part series of bottle designs, “LIFEWTR Series 6: Diversity in Design” to the Packaging 10 Competition. The LIFEWTR series encourages diversity in art and culture by sharing designs developed by international artists. Through the work of Ji Won Choi, Jamall Osterholm, and Daniel Cloke, PepsiCo expresses diverse backgrounds, original ideas, and inspires positive change. The bottles were presented during NY Fashion Week. PepsiCo creates memorable campaigns and this entry is no different.

Design firm, TOKY, submitted their above image of the “Firecracker Pizza & Beer: M-81.” This is a brand collaboration between Firecracker Pizza and local breweries. Designed by Ashford Stamper, the drink, M-81, was given a look that encapsulated the unique firecracker branding of Firecracker Pizza. This is a design template that can easily be followed for each new drink that comes out in this collection and will pair with a new background color or pattern. This ensures that consumers and local drinkers will always be looking out for the next can.

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