Gold-Winning Work by Colin Corcoran and The Gate NY from the Graphis Advertising Annual 2020!

‘Independent Copywriter’, Colin Corcoran (US), won Gold in the Advertising 2020 for his “FedEx ‘Gym’ Print & Poster Campaign.” He was tasked with helping FedEx’s recruitment department come up with a way to make package handling an enticing job. By re-positioning part-time package handler jobs at FedEx warehouses as “gyms,” FedEx makes unloading and loading packages during flexible 3-4 hour shifts, a worthwhile time commitment.

The campaign gave greater exposure to the benefits of a job most people see as tiring and mundane. Colin Corcoran is an award-winning copywriter that has been featured in our Graphis Journal #365 and continues to prove his expertise by winning awards in our Annual competitions.

Also winning Gold is The Gate NY ad agency who developed the “Monuments Campaign” to appeal to parts of the world that are not familiar with their client BHP. Adapting the Australian ‘Think Big’ campaign, the ads serve as an ode to the possibilities ‘Big Thinkers’ can create with the resources of BHP mines such as copper, iron, steel, gas, and oil.

It focuses on iconic structures well-known to American consumers, such as The Chrysler Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. The Gate NY provides BHP with an innovative ad campaign that expands their customer base and was received well in other parts of the world.

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