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Graphis Master: Gottschalk+Ash Int’l from Journal Issue #361

Gottschalk+Ash Int’l, one of our Graphis Masters, was recently featured in Graphis Journal issue #361! With legendary…

New Graphis Master: Nancy Stahl Featured in Journal Issue #361

We’re excited to announce one of our latest Graphis Masters, Nancy Stahl, who was also featured in…

New Graphis Master: Photographer Parish Kohanim Featured in Journal issue #361

We’re excited to announce that Photographer Parish Kohanim is one of our newest Graphis Masters! We were…

New Graphis Master: ARSONAL Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #357

Our Newest Graphis Advertising Master ARSONAL was featured in Graphis Journal Issue #357

Nudes: New Entries for Nudes 5 by Graphis Master Stan Musilek of California & Greg Hensel of Alaska

New entries are coming in as we approach our Nudes 5 competition final deadline!

New Graphis Master: Photographer Jonathan Knowles Wins Platinum Again

We’re excited to present our newest Graphis Photography Master Jonathan Knowles

Nudes 5: New Entries by Howard Rosenberg, Frank P. Wartenberg & Christopher Wilson

The Nudes 5 competition deadline is fast approaching!

Graphis Master: Peter Kraemer Continues to Render Us Speechless

Graphis Master Peter Kraemer creates intriguing renderings of everyday objects and their inner mechanisms.

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Masters Howard Schatz and Phil Marco

The Nudes 5 Competition has already been a platform for some of the most inventive images.

New Graphis Master: The Richards Group, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #360

The Richards Group is recognized as one of the largest independent ad agencies in America. 

Nudes: New Entries from Graphis Master RJ Muna and Photographers Tyler Ashlock & Cíntia Trigo

The Nudes 5 Competition has wonderfully unique and beautiful entries. The deadline to submit is fast approaching!

Advertising: Winning Work by Zulu Alpha Kilo, ARSONAL & PPK, USA

Some of the best agencies won awards in The Advertising Annual 2019 Competition