Gold-Winning Photography from Marksteen Adamson and Laurie Frankel, + Adamson’s New “Lock Down Hero” Project!

UK photographer Marksteen Adamson won Gold in the Photography Annual 2020. His 7-part series, “Cheltenham” (above), is a selection of photos from a larger body of work comprised of over 40 portraits, called “Cheltenham Folk.” His goal was to create a balanced picture of his hometown. Adamson’s portraits capture the town’s residents and show how it is full of a diverse group of people, culturally, economically, and socially. With good lighting and a keen eye, Adamson was able to photograph genuine and unposed moments. He was able to show something unique about every subject.

Now Adamson is developing a new photography project called “Lock Down Hero,” in which he is taking photographs of the unsung heroes during lockdown in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. They are currently looking for submissions, so if you would like to nominate someone you know who is voluntarily helping out during these times, you can find out more information on the official Lock Down Hero Facebook page.

American photographer and Graphis Master Laurie Frankel also won Gold in the Photo Annual 2020 with her work titled “Jasmine.” Her above image was created for the client, Vintner’s Daughter. The company makes a high-end beauty serum from quality natural products, and Frankel wanted to convey the fresh and natural ingredients along with their impact on skin, making it appear “healthy-looking, resilient, balanced, and radiant.” 

Frankel is a consistent Gold and Silver winner whose photography has been recognized by organizations such as Communication Arts and Luezer’s Archive. While photographing a simple Jasmine plant, she focused on the raw ingredients in the product in a simple composition that conveyed its freshness.

The Photography Annual 2021 is taking submissions. Share your talents with the world! And learn more about how you can celebrate your Lockdown Heroes on the Lock Down Hero Facebook page!

Author: Graphis

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