New Vibrant Photography Entry by Sophy Holland and See Gold-Winning Work by Laurie Frankel!

United States photographer Sophy Holland submits her photography series “ESPN Body Issue” to the Graphis Photography Annual 2021. Holland wanted to showcase the personality of WNBA all-star Liz Cambage as a DJ, fashion icon, and athlete. These personalities and different activities often require a different look or outfit, but for this shoot, Cambage was in the nude with vibrant set designs and Swarovski encrusted props and mirrors. Holland captured her athleticism and muscularity through poses and movement that show who she is on-and-off the court and the different sides of her. Sophy Holland previously won two Silver Awards in the Poster Annual 2020.

In last year’s Photography Annual 2020, Graphis Master Laurie Frankel, a consistent winner in our photography annuals, won Gold for her entry “Underwater Dandelion.” She is a highly accomplished photographer who has been featured in our Journal #358. Shot for Vintner’s Daughter, a high-end beauty serum developer, the image focused on the raw ingredients in simple compositions that conveyed their freshness. The aim was to appear “healthy-looking, resilient, balanced, and radiant.” The flower resting perfectly on top of the crystal-clear water definitely gives off a refreshing image.

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