New Exhibition Entry from Another Collective (PT) and Hi-Tech Design from Xiaomi (CN)

Portuguese design firm, Another Collective, submits their 7-part series of branding for an exhibition, “Abitare Italia Exhibition — PDB Porto Design Biennale” to the Graphis Design Annual 2021 competition. The series of posters was developed with references to Italian design from the ’70s and ’80s. Every year, Porto Design Biennale presents and promotes designs in technology, and the arts that have made a cultural impact. This year, Italy was highlighted. The typography used on the posters and branding was inspired by the font of the Olivetti Lettera typewriter, which was also part of the exhibit. Another Collective successfully integrates the elements of the exhibition with its promotional material.

From China, smartphone brand Xiaomi, submits their series entry for their headphones,  “Mi Quad Driver In-Ear Headphone.” The packaging uses an image of a sliced nautilus shell with a headphone embedded in it, designed in order to help emphasize the sound technology and the shape of the headphones. The design is embossed on the surface and the box is a sleek, black packaging in order to make the product feel hi-tech. They also used two-layer compartments, with the headphones proudly displayed on the top. Xiaomi’s product aims to be different from other similar products and portrays a digital feeling on paper. 

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