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Seung Min Han’s Rabbit Design and Matthew Clark’s Baseball Stamps Celebrate the East and the West!

Korean graphic designer and fine art illustrator, Seung Min Han, submits his above work, “Positive Movement –…

Graphis Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Noriyuki Kasai (JP), Kelly Salchow MacArthur (US), Elex Zhang (AU) and Rene V. Steiner (CA).

(Above, left) Noriyuki Kasai from Japan, designed, “A Flood of Tears,” to emulate the devastating effects of…

Graphis Master Doug Johnson’s (US) Illustrations Stand the Test of Time

Doug Johnson, is an American award-winning illustrator who came from Canada and moved to New York in…

Poster: International Designers Call for Action in Protest Posters 2!

“The challenge of conveying a message in the most concise and effective way is the most appealing…

Photo: Platinum-Winning Photos by J. Saraceno, V. Junier, N. Duers, and Silver-Winning Work by S. Rodriguez

For the Photography Annual 2020, Canadian photographer and Graphis Master, Joseph Saraceno, wins Platinum for his work…

New Talent: New Entries from University Students Yuting Xie and Katie Luke

From the School of Visual Arts, student Yuting Xie and Instructor Carin Goldberg, submit their entry to…

Design: New Entries from Canada by Ben Johnston & Underline Studio

The Design Annual 2020 competition is already filled with innovative and purposeful designs that change the way…

Design: Winning Work from Canadian Design Firms Spice Up the Food Industry

These gold-winners bring beautiful design to the food industry in unexpected ways.

Poster: Past Winning Posters from Canada Effortlessly Gather Audiences

These gold and silver winning posters capture the attention of potential audience members and consumers.

Photo: Andrew Grinton & Stacey Brandford’s Photos are a Feast for the Eyes

Get inspired for Thanksgiving with these gorgeous shots and see below for a special Holiday book sale!

Advertising: Presenting Some of the Platinum and Gold-Winning Work From This Year’s Ad Annual

These firms know how to not only catch a consumer’s attention but stimulate it too

Photography: Canadian Photographers Play with Style and Form in New Entries

These Canadian artists express themselves in a myriad of different approaches