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Poster: International Designers Call for Action in Protest Posters 2!

“The challenge of conveying a message in the most concise and effective way is the most appealing…

Photo: Platinum-Winning Photos by J. Saraceno, V. Junier, N. Duers, and Silver-Winning Work by S. Rodriguez

For the Photography Annual 2020, Canadian photographer and Graphis Master, Joseph Saraceno, wins Platinum for his work…

New Talent: New Entries from University Students Yuting Xie and Katie Luke

From the School of Visual Arts, student Yuting Xie and Instructor Carin Goldberg, submit their entry to…

Design: New Entries from Canada by Ben Johnston & Underline Studio

The Design Annual 2020 competition is already filled with innovative and purposeful designs that change the way…

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These gold-winners bring beautiful design to the food industry in unexpected ways.

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Photo: Andrew Grinton & Stacey Brandford’s Photos are a Feast for the Eyes

Get inspired for Thanksgiving with these gorgeous shots and see below for a special Holiday book sale!

Advertising: Presenting Some of the Platinum and Gold-Winning Work From This Year’s Ad Annual

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Photography: Canadian Photographers Play with Style and Form in New Entries

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Photography: These Canadian Photographers Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor

Joseph Saraceno and Jim Norton of Canada use wildlife and still photography to push the boundaries of…

Design: Canada Shows Packaging Matters with Gold Award-Winning Pieces

These Canadian designers show why packaging and print matter

Photography: Canada’s Lindsay Siu, Brandon Titaro, and Stacey Brandford Bring Socially Conscious Work

Graphis is proud to showcase these Canadian artists in this week’s Graphis Photography spotlight