Refined Taste: Gold and Silver Winners of Photography Annual 2021

This week’s photography submissions perfectly illustrate the themes of elegance, style, and luxury, so it should be no surprise they took home Gold and Silver awards in Graphis’ 2021 Photography Annual.

The first submission, “Caffe La Tana” (above) by Canadian photographer Adam Blasberg, depicts a sophisticated couple dining in the Canadian-based restaurant of the same name. Captured with a Nikon D850, Blasberg describes his approach as “architectural in composition, style and refined lighting” along with “well matched talent” that helped create this image showing the sophisticated buyer and location. The photograph is captivating with its use of space, color and light, conveying an air of poise and quaint charm. The precise use of mechanics and even the posture and positioning of the two subjects made “Caffe La Tana” not only a success with the client, but also a Gold Award recipient.

Silver winner “Elite Traveler S20” by American photographer Nicholas Duers is a bright ode to high fashion. The image originally appeared in Elite Traveler Magazine and Duers accentuates the luxury line of accessories with his expert use of angles and lighting. Photographed at a slightly low angle, with much of the overhead light shining brightly on the accessories, the viewer can’t escape acknowledging the grandeur of the luxury line and the status it denotes. Topped off with a cool, matte blue color scheme, the array of bags and shoes look ultra sleek.

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Author: Graphis

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