Combating Society’s Issues One Poster at a Time: Protest Posters 2 Featured Entries

This week’s featured Protest Posters 2 entries from Israel, Ecuador, and the United Kingdom continue to bring needed attention to the problems affecting society around the world.

The first submission is “Peace After Hirosima” (above, left). It was a self-initiated poster by Israel-based designer Dan Reisinger and his own design firm, Studio Reisinger. The poster addresses the nuclear bomb that the US dropped on Hiroshima, a city in Japan, during World War II. It reflects on the damage the bomb made then and how it is still affecting both Japan and the rest of the world now. “We shall overcome,” the poster declares, not only referring to the physical destruction but also to how we use such weapons of war; one day, we hopefully will have peace.

Next, “Bad Signs” by Ecuadorian designer Mario Fuentes addresses the education crisis occurring across the globe (above, right). The poster was designed for the nonprofit “Project Poster for Tomorrow,” whose theme was, “The Right to Education” in connection with an activity called “A Day for Tomorrow,” which celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with an exhibition that took place in several countries around the world. Considering that the purpose of the Millennium Development Goals adopted by all UN members aims to achieve primary education universally, where “all the world’s children are able to complete their primary education,” was created, this proposal reflects an unfortunate reality faithful to all encouraging statistics of the millions of children around the world who, for various reasons, do not go to school, a clear warning sign. In addition to making viewers aware of this global issue, this poster also received several awards.

The last two posters are both part of “Series of Posters” by UK designer Karim Shehimi (above). Acoording to Shehimi, this series of posters was carried out between 2019-2021 as a form of addressing relevant societal, political, and environmental crises that garnered international attention. The main topics highlighted are fake news (above, left), climate change (above, right), and school shootings. To create these posters, Shehimi utilized photography, imagery manipulation, and both digital collage techniques and traditional techniques, like stenciling and spray paint.

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