Space, Rainbows, and the Beauty of Breaking: Photography 2021 Gold & Silver Winners

No matter the space, color, or state of the item, objects provide endless inspiration for photographs, as seen by these Graphis winners.

Radical, outrageous, and fun. Those three words, represented in Graphis Master Joseph Saraceno‘s Gold-winning “R.O.F.” (above, left), harness Ettore Sottsass’ philosophy that “form does not need to follow function.” This liberating outlook enabled the use of vibrant colors and inexpensive materials like felt and plastic to be layered to create a variety of heights and textures, which resulted in this piece. In true Sottsass fashion, Saraceno built a foundation on patterned rectangular blocks. Behind the blocks sits a bright yellow cylindrical post, obscured slightly by a circular mesh component. At the top of the piece is a rainbow-colored watch that balances in what one can only imagine as a ring made out of cork. The teal-and-blue ombre background houses the project in a comfortable way and doesn’t detract from the compelling colors and layout.

Saraceno continues to play with objects in his other Gold-winning still life, “Nocturnal Creatures 2” (above, right). Utilizing a sky-like background and a green foreground, the photograph explores architectural landscapes and drama with a hint of religious zeal. Experimenting with Giorgio de Chirico-esque characteristics, Saraceno places a god-like statue head within an arch, allowing light to shine through and cast blue shadows into the foreground.

Our last image explores the idea of weightlessness. Winning Silver, “Valentino Zero Gravity Explosion” by Takahiro Igarashi takes a cologne bottle, breaks it into pieces, and suspends it midair. Droplets of cologne help “replicate the explosive feel while maintaining the subtle side of the fragrance.” The approach combines a soft, more romantic approach of the droplets with a more clear-cut representation of a dropped glass object. Rigged and shot entirely by Igarashi, the amber, gold, and silvery colors sit against a plain gray background which makes each edge and corner pop out distinctively.

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