Art Exist Everywhere: Photography 2021 Platinum & Gold Winners

Even more Platinum and Gold award-winning submissions from our Photography Annual 2021 are honored this week, with the winners from the US and Canada.

The first submission is a self-initiated project titled “Whisks” by US-based photographer and Graphis Master Craig Cutler (above, left). Cutler was inspired by Walker Evans, who created a series called “Beauties of the Common Tool” in 1955, and thus shot this series of whisks with his work in mind. Using black and white photography and a simple gray background, Cutler shoes off the silver shine of the whisks, while the close shots turn them into miniture sculptures. No wonder this series received a Platinum award.

Next, Canadian photographer and Graphis Master Joseph Saraceno also received a Platinum award for his piece, “High on Design” (above right). Saraceno shot the image for his client Gestalten Publishing’s new coffee table book titled “High on Design,” which features products that are aesthetically pleasing and showcases blossoming trends in contemporary cannabis culture.

Saraceno also received an award for his work “R.O.F” for client Faulhaber Communications (above, left); the title stands for “Radical, Outrageous, and Fun.” Saraceno utilized inexpensive materials like plastic and felt along with bright, vibrant colors, surprising shapes, and mismatched patterns to create the over the top, “more is more” aesthetic. The Graphis judges seemed to think highly of this technique as Saraceno received a Gold award.

Saraceno’s third submission to receive recognition is “Malleability” (above, right). The image was created for his client, Schön! Magazine, a fashion magazine based in London. Saraceno said that the image features the Silver Can Crush jewellry by Ambush, a Japanese jewellry and accessory company, which in turn was supplied by Archives Toronto, a luxery fashion concept store. Like with Cutler’s “Whisks”, Saraceno lets the silver shine take center stage, turning the crushed can into something expensive. His hard work paid off as he received another Platinum award from the Graphis judges for this piece.

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