Rhubarb’s Award-winning Campaigns for The Flight Attendant & Ghosts

How Rhubarb Used Hitchcock to Create Key Art for The Flight Attendant

When it comes to creating key art for a television series, there’s a lot of pressure to capture the show’s essence in an eye-catching way that will draw in viewers. That was the challenge facing ad agency Rhubarb when they asked to create key art for the second season of The Flight Attendant (above, left) which follows the story of Cassie (played by actress Kaley Cuoco), a reckless flight attendant with an alcoholism problem who wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man. Drawing inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie poster for Vertigo, Rhubarb delivered an image of Cassie spiraling out of control that captivated both the client and audience alike.

The Creative Process Behind Key Art Design

When creating key art for any project—be it a movie or a television show—it’s vital to understand not only who your target audience is but also what elements will draw them in. For The Flight Attendant, Rhubarb knew they wanted to hint at Cassie’s downward spiral while still keeping things mysterious enough to intrigue potential viewers. They also had to ensure the design was suitable for print, web use, and outdoor advertising campaigns like billboards and bus stops.

They looked back on Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo to accomplish this goal and recreated its iconic poster with modern touches. In place of Kim Novak’s character clinging onto James Stewart’s arm as he stares off into the distance, Rhubarb puts Cuoco reaching out towards the sky as she falls backward through an ever-spinning background. This image perfectly encapsulates everything that makes The Flight Attendant unique without giving away too much about what happens during Season 2. They created several versions of their artwork for use across multiple mediums without losing its impact or aesthetic appeal.

Rhubarb succeeded in creating key art for The Flight Attendant that not only captured its essence and drew in viewers by taking inspiration from Hitchcock’s Vertigo and putting a modern twist on it but also reached audiences beyond traditional TV viewership and guarantee their work made a lasting impact on viewers everywhere. It shows how even classic designs can be effective when given a modern spin!

Behind the Scenes Look at Key Art for CBS’ Ghosts

For the premiere of CBS’ Ghosts (above, right) a series about a young couple inheriting a beautiful but haunted country house, Rhubarb was tasked with creating key art that introduced viewers to the show’s diverse cast of ghosts. To show that some of the characters were indeed ghosts, Rhubarb used an innovative solution involving a two-way mirror and have only the reflections of the living characters portrayed. This is a clever way to emphasize that these characters are alive while alluding to their supernatural counterparts in the background.

The challenge, however, was capturing both sides of the mirror at once so that only one side would be in the reflection. To do this, Rhubarb had to set up two cameras simultaneously—one facing forward and one facing backward—so they could capture both angles simultaneously. After shooting from both angles, they combined them into one image and created a realistic reflection with only the living couple appearing in it.

The art debuted highly on social media and ran as outdoor advertising in Los Angeles and New York City. It was a huge success, garnering positive feedback from fans who found it creative and eye-catching. Most importantly, it achieved its goal of introducing viewers to the main characters while hinting at their otherworldly counterparts lurking in the shadows of their new home.

Creative solutions like this are becoming increasingly important as marketers strive to stand out from competitors while still conveying their message clearly and effectively. The key art for CBS’ Ghosts is just one example of how innovative techniques can make all the difference when creating advertising materials or other visual content for your brand or clients. By thinking outside the box and trying something new, you can create memorable visuals that will impact your audience long after they’ve seen them!

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Author: Graphis