The Jury Is In On A New Website & App

Eight Sleep: The Future of Sleep

Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, launched “Year in Sleep 2022: Mission Sleep Fitness” (above). This app is Eight Sleep’s out-of-this-world twist on Spotify Wrapped, where members can see all their sleep data for 2022 in a galactic design.

Eight Sleep’s app is revolutionizing how people can track, measure, and improve their sleep with their new Year in Sleep 2022: Mission Sleep Fitness program. This isn’t your average fitness tracker; Eight Sleep’s galactic-designed dashboard reveals insightful data to help its members understand how they’re sleeping better than ever before! Mission Sleep Fitness gives users an interactive journey and a unique avatar based on their sleep metrics. They landed on a space theme to highlight the future of sleep.

The project was a significant success for Eight Sleep, where many members organically shared their graphics from their space journey in-app. Members also found their custom astronauts very delightful.

Making A Case for A New Law Firm Website

After a decade, Sher Tremonte’s law firm needed an updated look to reflect its core values better. Decker Design stepped in and provided the perfect solution through their comprehensive Brand Revelation process, resulting in a website that perfectly encapsulates what makes this firm extraordinary: knowledge and expertise merged with modern dynamics.

Decker Design Answers the Call

Decker Designs had the perfect solution for a law firm looking to reflect its expertise online. Sher Tremonte had seen incredible success in NYC’s litigation sector, yet this was not being translated through their website—until they saw the transformational power of Lynda Decker from Decker Designs. It now proudly showcases its long-standing reputation and creative ingenuity on an updated site befitting such excellence!

Just as Sher Tremonte lawyers and professional staff bring diverse perspectives and experiences to their practice, Decker Designs also uses an expansive selection of resources from their arsenal, combining them for the optimal user interface. When navigating Sher Tremonte’s website (above) with its modern interface and intuitive navigation system, it is no wonder that SherTremonte has achieved success in both form and function. The visually pleasing homepage opens to a professional and understated stylish backdrop, enhanced by a bold text animation that sparks life into the scene and highlights their slogan: “Tough cases. Inventive solutions. Outstanding results.” The animated text alleviates some of the seriousness the muted background initially sets. The background seamlessly transitions while keeping the professional vibe, and the animated testimonial blocks’ vibrant colors create a solid visual effect against the black-and-white imagery, drawing clients in to explore further. Viewers find an orderly experience that fosters stability and trustworthiness as they search for information.

With Design Decker’s strong branding and website creative, Sher Tremonte is well-equipped to make their case even more effortlessly. Their new cutting-edge site now highlights the firm’s considerable knowledge and experience for maximum success with minimal effort.

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Author: Graphis