ARSONAL’s Platinum-winning Art for Silent Twins & Ragdoll

Graphis Master firm ARSONAL is a notable name in the creative world, having produced an impressive range of high-profile campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. Here we take a look at two of their recent Platinum-winning campaigns.

Focus Features’ Silent Twins Promotional Campaign

ARSONAL’s goal for this campaign was to represent the true story of Focus Features’ Silent Twins (above, left) respectfully and beautifully, beginning with the key art and poster. June and Jennifer Gibbons were twins from the only Black family in a small town in Wales during the 1970s and ’80s who felt isolated from their community, so they began turning inward and refusing communication with anyone but each other, retreating into their fantasy world instead. After a spree of vandalism, the girls are sentenced to Broadmoor, an infamous psychiatric hospital, where they face the choice to separate and survive or die.

The creative team needed to balance reality with whimsy while conveying the story’s seriousness without alienating audiences. The dark thematic undertones had to be balanced out by symbols of lightness and positivity. To properly accomplish this task, ARSONAL worked closely with Focus Features to remain faithful to the spirit of what happened to June and Jennifer, capturing the story of their unique bond while still alluding to the darkness it often brought. Palette, treatment, photography, and selection of expressions were all contributing tools used in portraying this concept. By carefully balancing light and dark color hues, ARSONAL created a compelling composition that set the tone for the entire campaign. The two central figures drew immediate attention to the poster due to their focus and pose, offering a unique approach to uniting both twins on one canvas yet still separating them in expression. Symbols further enhanced those concepts by suggesting a chaotic relationship between sisters where confusion often skewed realities. ARSONAL developed a powerful piece of key art that fulfilled its destiny.

Key Art Inspiration for AMC+’s Ragdoll

ARSONAL’s Ragdoll (above, right) picked up another Platinum award for its daring approach to crime drama. This series tells an unconventional story of three flawed cops whose decisions have unexpected repercussions by pushing boundaries in style and tone. Film production company Sid Gentle’s signature dark humor complements all. With bold visuals that stand out from typical crime thriller shows, ARSONAL has created something distinct.

Both the firm and their client, AMC+, knew the key art for their poster and the advertising campaign for the show had to be unexpected. Taking inspiration from classic horror motifs and modern photography, ARSONAL found a unique balance between traditional horror conventions and the gothic realness of the series. To provide special visual treatment, they strategized a stylized collage that imparts an aggressive tone. Gels were then used to light the talent, which gave a graphic, heightened feel to the artwork photos that was further enhanced by tearing apart and stitching together various pieces of imagery to allude to the Ragdoll from the series without being overly grotesque. Making sure audiences piece it together as they get involved in AMC+’s twisted yet delightful adventure has been highlighted by the perfect copy line “Piece it Together.”

ARSONAL and their clients for both projects were thrilled with the final results of their key art collaborations. The solid visual statements created by the firm’s creative teams enabled the campaigns to be successful domestically and internationally.

Among ARSONAL’s extensive portfolio is an array of boldly designed key art and posters recently showcased on From imaginative illustrations to thought-provoking motion campaigns, ARSONAL once again proves the caliber of their work within the advertising arena. It is easy to see why they make a mark in the international media landscape, delivering visually stimulating solutions that speak to current audience trends with powerful results.

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Author: Graphis