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Gerard Huerta, A Master of Iconic Design

Graphis Master Gerard Huerta is an American designer, illustrator, and typographer, who began his career at CBS…

Graphis Master Alvaro Perez (ES) Creates Logos Worth a Thousand Words

Alvaro Perez is a graphic designer from Spain with over twenty years of experience in logo design….

Graphis Master Dan Reisinger Leaves Behind a Legacy of Posters and Logos. Featured in Issue #362

Dan Reisinger was a designer who created countless medals, stamps, logos, calendars, and posters. Most of his…

Graphis Master Paul Rand Leaves a Legacy of Timeless Work

This week’s Graphis Master is Paul Rand, an American graphic designer who created a multitude of logos…

Graphis Master Finn Nygaard Inspires A World Worth Fighting For

Born in 1955, Finn Nygaard is a Danish Graphic Designer whose design career spans more than 30…

Design: Mesmerizing Books and Award-Winning Typography Come Roaring Out of East Asia

These East Asian designers flummox the mind and invigorate the soul

Design: Australian and American Designers Pull Out All Stops With These Eye-Catching Works

These Gold and Platinum award-winning works show why design matters

Design: Canada Shows Packaging Matters with Gold Award-Winning Pieces

These Canadian designers show why packaging and print matter

Graphis Master: Brian Collins is Reshaping Branding in the 21st Century

Graphis is proud to present visionary designer Brian Collins in this week’s Graphis Master spotlight

Graphis Master: Prolific Israeli Artist Dan Reisinger Presents Unequivocal Brilliance

Graphis is proud to present Dan Reisinger as this week’s Graphis Master

Graphis Master: Grupo daDá Showcases our Curiously Wondrous World

Graphis is honored to present Grupo daDá as this week’s Graphis Master

New Talent: Art Center College of Design’s Professors Brad Bartlett, Sean Adams, & Chris Hacker Hone Students’ Skills

Graphis is honored to showcase the works of professors Sean Adams, Chris Hacker, and Brad Bartlett and…