Design: Mesmerizing Books and Award-Winning Typography Come Roaring Out of East Asia

These East Asian designers flummox the mind and invigorate the soul

Design has always existed to intrigue us. The viewer is drawn into a world of fascination as visuality expresses emotion, narration, characterization, and more. It’s a window into the mind of an individual, and one that is undoubtedly produced to entice and cajole. And it’s clear that these designers from Japan and Taiwan live and breathe by that mantra.
The Platinum award-winning work from Ken-Tsai Lee of Ken-Tsai Lee Design Lab/Taiwan Tech is a tantalizing project that is seamlessly combines typography with clothing. Type for Wearing (ABOVE) sees an intimate intermixing of two seemingly opposing mediums. It is in many ways a fascinating commentary on the modern sociocultural world we live in. Where boundaries between sex, culture, gender, identity, and so much more begin to melt away and intermingle, so too do the paradigms of design.
Atsushi Ishiguro’s WHITEPARADOX (ABOVE) is conversely intricately detailed and painstakingly crafted. From individual business cards to unique interpretations of each font, Ishiguro’s work is a testament to looking at extreme detail to satisfy the client. It’s a bold undertaking, one that eventually made the product sell-out almost immediately after release.
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Author: Graphis