Photography: Canadian Photographers Play with Style and Form in New Entries

These Canadian artists express themselves in a myriad of different approaches

In art, perspective is everything. Whether it is the perspective of the subject themselves or the perspective of the audience member, a viewpoint is key. It is the interpreter in the eye of the beholder and at the same time, the subjugator via the artist’s intention and execution. These photographers from the Great White North utilize perspective to push boundaries and continually breakdown expectations and form, all in a befittingly simplistic manner.
Photographer Makito Inomata’s work for The Parlour, entitled Charcuterie Board (ABOVE), is one such work that bends the stylization of food. While many typically take photography of cuisine from a head-on viewpoint, Inomata instead tilt’s his camera up until it is hanging over the food. Indeed, the visualization of the feast presented is that much more alluring and warm, propagating food’s eternal attractive qualities—camaraderie, love, benevolence, and satiation.
Joseph Saraceno’s spellbinding photo for FiloTimo (ABOVE, LEFT), harkens back to days of modernism, albeit with a twisted node of utilitarianism. As with Inomata’s work, the top-down view creates a tantalizing new view. From the intriguing relationship between shapes and shadows to the obfuscation of colors and boundaries, Saraceno’s work stops one in their tracks. Perspective and focus is constantly shifting, seldom staying on one aspect of the photo before moving onto another equally intriguing part of it.
Saraceno continues his play on perspective, form, shape, and shadow with his work for Yabu Pushelberg, entitled OTTO (ABOVE, RIGHT). With a skewed perspective that is obfuscated and yet alluring all at the same time, the prism-like viewpoint is an intriguing and mesmerizing work.
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Author: Graphis