New Talent: Texan Students Show Their Worth With These Wondrous Works

Students from The University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M University Commerce present tantalizing works

Going to college is quite an experience. It’s where one expands their mind, question existing paradigms, and most importantly, find their passions and interests. It’s during these four years that a student hones their craft, develops their love, and find their professional infatuation. And these students from Texas have seemingly done just that through the viewfinder of design.
Professor Veronica Vaughan and student Noel RamosGill Sans – Typebook (ABOVE) of the University of Texas at Arlington showcases a truly deepened love and admiration for typography. The brochure’s lively presentation and colorful spreads propels the notion that typeface is oft-overlooked part of any design, advertisement, or product. Inspired by Penguin Book’s use of Gill Sans, the student also utilized the color scheme of Penguin Books’ use of orange, blue, yellow, and sea green. What emerges is a eye-catching work that is as informative as it is attractive.
Typography is clearly Noel Ramos‘ passion, as his work with Professor Andrew Klein shows. Proto-Type (ABOVE, LEFT) features a schematic, blueprint-inspired approach that is akin to a retrofuturist science fiction work than anything else. As Ramos’ explains, “with my obsession for structured and geometric design, I felt the absolute answer to this assignment was to create an alphabet based on mechanical objects.”
Politically prescient and morally unambiguous, Professor Rick Gavos and student Monica Williams‘ Girls’ Rights Are Human Rights (ABOVE, RIGHT), is a powerful message that is as relevant today as ever. With a fist pumping in the air and seeming sound-waves resonating out, this poster is a powerful reminder that human rights are universal.
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Author: Graphis