Graphis Master: Brian Collins is Reshaping Branding in the 21st Century

Graphis is proud to present visionary designer Brian Collins in this week’s Graphis Master spotlight

The 21st century—along with the advent of the internet—sure has thrown a wrench into how we define advertising and sales. For more than half a century, advertising has maintained its course: short, sweet, and to the point. But it was also bogged down by expensive overhead costs, teams of people producing a myriad of different interpretations, and an overt need for extreme professionalism.
That seldom seems to be the case today, as new-and-upcoming individuals in the age of the millennial disrupt traditional methods of, well, pretty much everything. There is no one particular way, no one beaten path. Instead, the boundaries have melted and ad campaigns are as free reign as they have ever been. The laissez-faire approach is one that ironically coexists with a seeming sense of egalitarianism. It’s refreshing, bold, and a quality that has been sorely missing from consumerist habits—just what today’s tumultuous world needs.
Brian Collins and his firm COLLINS: is one such disruptor. From their Platinum award-winning work with Vitaminwater (ABOVE) to Instagram and Facebook, many of the clients that COLLINS: take on are disruptors in their own way. They represent the same sort of ethos that their clients represent—a dedication to the new and the exciting. In a constantly evolving world, Brian Collins and his firm have remained in the forefront of the new age of generation Z.
Furthermore, Collins has been able to reimagine older companies that have lagged behind and stuck to traditions. And while Collins seldom replaced those sensibilities, he did reinvigorate them for the 21st century. From Motorola to Hershey’s Chocolate (ABOVE), The Branding 7 Platinum winner, Collins has worked extensively to be an anachronistic design firm that knows what his clients want before they know what they want.
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Also check out COLLINS’ article in issue #357 of Graphis Journal!
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