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Graphis Master: JUCO Photography Plays With Mesmerizing Color

JUCO pushes the envelope of photography to new heights of incredulity

Graphis Master: Legendary Brand Expert Doug Lloyd is Entranced by High Art

The renowned Art Director has had long stints working with esteemed fashion house, including Gucci, Esteé Lauder,…

Graphis Master: Photographer Phil Bekker Knows How to Push His Students to Their Best

The Art Institute of Atlanta professor works tirelessly to ensure that the new crop of students match…

Graphis Master: Illustrator Peter Kraemer Presents Unparalleled Realism

The German-born artist has showcased a punctuated knack for constructing hyperreal curiosities 

Graphis Master: Brian Collins is Reshaping Branding in the 21st Century

Graphis is proud to present visionary designer Brian Collins in this week’s Graphis Master spotlight

Graphis Master: Prolific Israeli Artist Dan Reisinger Presents Unequivocal Brilliance

Graphis is proud to present Dan Reisinger as this week’s Graphis Master

Nudes: Graphis Master Bill Diodato & more from NY

Graphis Photography Master Bill Diodato entered the mysterious nude photograph above to our Nudes5 competition. Titled “Chopard…