Graphis Master: Illustrator Peter Kraemer Presents Unparalleled Realism

The German-born artist has showcased a punctuated knack for constructing hyperreal curiosities 

Illustration is most often associated with pencil-on-paper materiality—at least it used to be that way. Today, nearly all illustrations are done on computers using savvy programs that push the boundaries of what was once impossible. Illustration was by many regards considered a dead and somewhat niche corner of the art world by the mid-20th century. It was a bygone technique that was more associated with late-19th century political cartoons and magazines than anything else. The art world moved on and illustrators were left to fend for themselves. But with the advent of computer technology and design programs, illustration suddenly became relevant again. And although it has seldom reached the same lofty levels it once was perched on, it has most regained some of its prestige. And Peter Kraemer is undoubtedly a vanguard of that resurgence.
Having started his digital graphics career in 1995, Kraemer has constructed a bevy of inspiring illustrative works that play with realism and imaginative technological innovations. Armed with a mousepad and a high-power computer, Kraemer has been able to create wondrous work that speaks to contemporary living and style. Having recently upgraded to 3D applications, Kraemer has worked tirelessly to study and photographically commentate on everyday items. As Kraemer puts it himself, “what I like about this is that it mostly means a small series of images under a coherent concept.” You can take a closer look at his Master portfolio HERE.
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